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Hi, I'm Joana!

I help entrepreneurs to increase Sales, boost their Profits and consolidate their Business Growth, using a unique Growth Methodology that bring them Freedom, Clarity, Sanity and Joy

I have been growing business for 21 years now and I have worked with many leading companies across Europe.

Certified by Avenue Growth System™, the Europe’s #1 GROWTH SYSTEM for Small Business Owners
Grow your Business in 4 Steps and get your Freedom back!
How CAN YOU GROW your Business in a sustainable way?
      It can be really hard and overwhelming to grow a Business. Indeed the Entrepreneur journey can be harsh!
I know…Been there, done that.
I will share you how I became a Growth Expert & a Business Coach: 1 year after I´ve started my own Consultancy Agency I’ve burned out; I was doing everything solo, working so many hours, overwhelmed and stressed-out
My daughters – I have 3 girls – were barely seeing me and my family started to suffer…I needed to get my life back and to find out a way to have more money without losing my sanity. So, I’ve surfed the internet, I’ve read dozens of business books, magazines, essays, went to conferences…I was infoxicated! Finally I’ve got to the conclusion what I need was to get a Business Coach. And 3 months after I’ve started the Program…BOOOMMM…my life changed!
Soon I was getting my Coach Certification on this unique Method which ensures Business Growth through the implementation of a simple System which allowed me to change hundreds of Entrepreneurs lifes and to take their Businesses to outstanding results; Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Owners, Coaches, Agencies, Consultants, Freelancers have been working for me for the last 5 years.
And they all agree on declaring my Business Growth Methodology a game-changer that will drive your Business Growth faster and smarter! Therefore your Sales will Grow, your Business Profits will increase and your Company will become rock-solid.

All this is just 4 STEPS:
  • You will know exactly WHEN TO MOVE FORWARD
  • You will implement a simple and profitable SYSTEM that will work for you
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More about me…

I am a 44 year old travel junkie who’s been all over the world.

I’ve been in sales and marketing since late 90’s and had successfully done business in over 50-countries taking Brands from local to global.
Before I started my own Business back in 2016 I have spent almost 4 years coming back and forth NYC and Oporto, and visiting many other countries in between, doing what I do best: sales and growth. Developing new ways of thinking about people and businesses comes with the job when your job is to do business worldwide. You expose your mind to other cultures and different ways of doing things. That is why I love disruptive ideas, far-reaching challenges and new strategies.

I’ve founded +GBBS Consulting Agency to help Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs thriving in a very competitive and fast pacing world, exactly what I had been doing for big Brands and large Companies. I’ve learned from the best how to boost business growth, specially in the Beauty, Wellness and Lifestyle Sectors.

Just what you need to grow your company & have fun doing it!

Grow more, work less. With Joy and no Stress
Increase your Productivity & Profits

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Joana. She has a thorough knowledge of international sales, branding, budgeting, retail and marketing and is always the utmost professional

portfolio luxe testimonial

Elizabeth Grace

CEO & Founder

Our sales were relying on word of mouth. Joana started working with us and immediately she put in place a sales system along with branding and retail strategies. We’re still working with her for over 2 years now!

Argan Meadow Testimonial


CEO & Founder

Joana is a consummate professional who I thoroughly enjoy working with and would highly recommend. She is an experienced International Sales & Marketing Manager skilled in brand building and business development in a global arena

TRS Testimonial

Jane Wild


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